How do I work?

Sessions are for 50 minutes and work best if they happen regularly (one session per week).

This gives you time to reflect on the work done in the session ready for the session that follows. Whilst it is understandable that sometimes a life event can get in the way, having lots of big gaps between sessions is detrimental to the process.

I offer in-person counselling from my therapy room in Norden, Rochdale and also offer online counselling by video link. If you opt for online counselling, it is important that you have a private space without any interruptions and a reliable Internet connection.

It is important that clients are not under the influence of any substances during counselling sessions.

Time limited - 3-6 sessions

Time limited - 8 sessions

Open ended - as many sessions as you feel that you need

1-2 sessions (this works best for past clients who have a new specific issue that they want to work through).

How long does the process take?

The length of time that the therapeutic process takes depends on the person and the nature of their problems. The main aim of any talking therapy is that the client works towards autonomy, to a point where they can move forwards on their own. For some clients a closed ended set of sessions (6-10) works best, with a review half way through the programme. For other clients, a more open ended programme is better.

I begin with an introductory session, in which we can explore what you want to get out of counselling and your background. In this session, we can work out a programme which you think would be best for you.

I work as a person centred counsellor, meaning that you as the client will be in control of your own process. We will work to a pace at which the you feel comfortable, as you move towards greater self-awareness.

shallow focus photography of white feather dropping in person's hand
shallow focus photography of white feather dropping in person's hand


I have a therapy room in Norden village, Rochdale, at The Salon:

The Salon

669-671, Edenfield Road,




Contact me:

Please feel free to get in touch using the details below. However, if I'm counselling, I may be unable to answer immediately, but please leave me a message or drop me an e-mail.

Tel: 07542 679040


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person holding rose gold iPhone 6


All sessions are 50 minutes.

In person counselling £55

In-person counselling and coaching £55

On-line counselling / counselling and coaching £55

Block of 10 sessions upfront £500 (@ £50 per session)

Student counsellors £45

Teacher and education professional discounted rate £45

I also offer a discounted rate for people referred from charitable counselling organisations. Contact me for details.

Pre-therapy consultation and assessment £40

Pre-Therapy Assessment

A pre-therapy consultation is the first step in determining whether counselling is the right step for you in your journey. In this session I will do an assessment in which I will gather information about your mood, current symptoms, mental health history and any past experiences that may still be influencing your behaviour in the present. This will allow me to determine whether counselling would be an appropriate path for you.

We will discuss what you hope to get out of counselling. This will also give you an opportunity to decide whether you feel that you can work comfortably with me and a chance to ask any questions that you might have.

If you decide that counselling (or a combination of counselling and coaching) is the right path for you, we will discuss what is the right package for you, whether it is a short term, time limited or an open-ended block of sessions.

The fee for a pre-therapy consultation is £40.